Shall we have a break in the wonderland? (by ღMayuღ)

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the world’s a tiny place
there’s no where you can hide
These photos were edited by my dearest friend Shannon!

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these two were so great and they’re actually sisters!!! if anyone knows their urls, let me know and i’ll add them to this post!

junko: djshinji

hi!! I am the Mukuro, and thank you!!

Sorry for the Sakura Con spam. ;u; But I love this picture of Chloe and I.

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Uploading Sakuracon pictures! If you see yourself/someone you know please message me or tag!



I am Junko! Monobear is Cerberusssings, Monomi is Kawaiiprincesscosplay, and Mukuro is Chalowie!

Friends and I as Monomi, Monobear, Junko, and Mukuro. ;u; (The Mukuro is my actual little sister) Let me know if you have any pictures of us!
This was taken by Steve Messerer!
Mukuro | Monobear | Monomi


Reblogging because Chloe, Lexxi, Alberto, Luke, Makayla, and Max.

Rebloggging because I am Mamimi~ 

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My Sakura Con thus far!

changed my sakura con lineup yo

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